Structure of hypnotherapy session

Thank you for choosing to work with me as your hypnotherapist.

The first stage is for me to find out a little more information from you. This is done initially through a pre screen questionnaire for you to fill out confidentially to me. This gives me a much greater understanding of the problem that you are seeking help with and I can give you a realistic expectation of how I can help you and I can tell you approximately how many sessions I believe you would need. This can be found in the next section once you have read through this page.

After I receive your information I will get back to you within 48 hours to let you know the timescale I will be able to get you your hypnotherapy session to you. We then may need to have a telephone conversation or further emails to understand a little more about what you are experiencing. As a general rule there is approximately a 10 day turnaround on the hypnotherapy session but depending on when you book I can sometimes get them to you quicker. I will give you this information and timescale asap.

After you recieve the recording it would be great to receive feedback from you and discuss how you have benefitted to help us to understand how to format any future sessions. Please note there is absolutely no pressure at all to commit to future sessions. As a generalisation I have often found clients benefit from just 1 hypnotherapy session, the beauty of the recording is that you can listen to it whenever you like to reinforce it even more. However 3 - 4 sessions are generally standard to help all angles to be covered.