The Power of Now

5 short mindfulness and relaxation techniques for everyday calm

5 easy to follow relaxation and Mindfulness techniques which are a really powerful way of starting to reset and finding balance again in our minds.

Ideal for anyone feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious or anyone simply curious about trying new relaxation techniques to become more present and enjoy the current moment.

Our minds are so powerful and the more we focus on something the more the neural pathways connect and make it a habit. So instead of flooding our mind with negativity and worry from the past or future lets start to use the powerful brain to refocus onto the positivity and to regain calmness in our world while focusing on the power of now.

Included is a mix of guided visualisation and simple exercises to do independently.

Being grounded and in the present moment is integral to our long term happiness.

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Cheryl Hatton - Hypnotherapy, Mornington Peninsula
Cheryl Hatton - Hypnotherapy, Mornington Peninsula

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